Would you take your pup to one of these dog-friendly restaurant patios? (2023)

dog in the restaurant patio

Would you take your pup to one of these dog-friendly restaurant patios? (1)


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When you welcome a puppy into your home, it instantly becomes part of the family. They are around for holidays and celebrations and always play forcar trips. In a dream world, pet owners would take their beloved companions with them everywhere, just like when dining at their favorite restaurant.

If you want to make a reservation for a few people and a four-legged friend, it is essential to know the restrictions and guidelines in your city. Here, we explore what you need to know before you leave home, along with our picks for some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the United States.

What to do before taking your dog to a restaurant

Many city and state regulations govern a restaurant's ability to allow puppies on its premises. With that in mind, it's important to research the specific guidelines in your ZIP code before getting your dog excited about the adventure.

If you can't find this information readily available online, contact the specific restaurant you want to dine at and ask how they handle furry friends. That way, you can prepare for the meal and also manage your family's (and your super-excited dog's) expectations.

Can service dogs be brought to restaurants?

While all dogs have the critical job of Biggest Fan and Best Cuddler, some pups play a bigger role in their owners' lives.service animalsthat guide people with disabilities are generally allowed in places, such as restaurants, where common dogs are not allowed. When in doubt, call the restaurant to see if your service dog can dine with you.

Health Tips to Remember for Dogs in Restaurants

While there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants across the country, not all are created equal. Some have pup-specific gourmet menus, while others just let them relax with you. When you're considering taking your dog on a trip, keep his health needs in mind. If you're having brunch outside on the hottest days of summer and the restaurant doesn't have shade, you should probably leave your dog in the air conditioner at home.

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Or, if your pup thrives in aroutineand your dinner may be past bedtime, consider changing your reservation earlier. To make sure they feel comfortable and calm, you should also pack a favorite toy or chew, as well as atravel water bowlif the restaurant does not provide one.

Dog-friendly restaurant chains

No matter which ZIP code you call home, you'll likely find one of these national restaurants nearby. Or press one the next time you'retravel with your pet. The best news perhaps? They are dog friendly! So bring your pup to the food. Although it doesn't hurt to call ahead just to check that your local franchise will allow your pet to tag along.

Here are some dog-friendly restaurant chains you can find everywhere:

  • milk queen
  • In and Out Burger
  • sonic drive-in
  • shake shack
  • starbucks
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden
  • Applebee's
  • bread bread

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants on the East Coast

If you're on the East Coast, you might want to take your pup to these fun local restaurants. Not only do they allow dogs, but they also have a special menu for furry people!

Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen in Newark, Del.

No matter when you visit this dog-friendly restaurant in Delaware, your pup can join you. Because? They specifically have a heated patio so dogs (and their owners, of course) can feel comfortable while they drink and dine. HoweverArtisanal Cereal Bar + KitchenThey don't have a proper dog menu, they offer water and 'biscuits' for your best friend.

Cambridge Brewing Company en Boston, Massachusetts.

Located in Kendall Square, in the heart of Cambridge, thisBoston area breweryprovides ample seating and standing space for pets...and their owners. You can drink a local craft beer, cuddle up with your pup, and enjoy the sun and good vibes.

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The best dog-friendly restaurants in the western region

In California and much of the West Coast, dogs are welcome almost everywhere, including restaurants. Here are some options the next time you're in town.

The Forge in Carmel, California.

Nestled between San Jose and Santa Maria on the California coast, Carmel is a small seaside town known for its unique surfer-friendly restaurants. Dog owners can enjoy a fun dining experience atHis horse, complete with options for your pup. From themcooking menu for dogsincludes New York steaks, burgers,hot dogs, chicken strips and simple food.

Dog Pub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

As if the name didn't make it clear, this dog-friendly restaurant does everything possible to make your dog feel at home.bar dogis the first - and only! - restaurant in Colorado that offers a children's playground. Inside you can eat, drink and wag your tail, and outside the real fun begins. The outdoor patio has 1,300 square feet of dining, including shady spots that protect the pups from the summer heat. Last but not least, you can roam the fully fenced 3,000 square feet,off-leash zonewhere you can let your dog play while visiting friends. And if they're running around so hungry, your pup can choose something from the doggy menu to round out the experience.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, Oregon.

Fur babies of all breeds and sizes are welcome at this beautiful cafe in Oregon's largest city. While sitting outside and enjoying the sun, your dog can choose between theTin Shed Garden Café, which includes dinner and a choice of dessert.

The penthouse in Palm Beach, California.

After a long and exhausting work week, nothing beats a lively brunch with friends. Take it to the next level by dressing up and taking your dog to this weekly recovery spot. while dining on the patioThe atticin Palm Beach, your pup can pick anything he wants from the dog-friendly menu, including steak and veggies, southern-style bacon and more.

Portage Bay Café en Seattle, Washington.

The whole family can enjoy brunch or breakfast al fresco in Seattle at this dog-friendly restaurant. While summer may be the most comfortable season to bring your dog,Portage Bay Cafewill also provide blankets for thecolder days. Talk about a win-win (or is it, woof-woof?).

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Midwest

Everyone is friendly in the Midwest, so it makes sense that they would have dogs for dinner. take a look at thesehot spotsthe next time you and your pup friend are hungry.

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Paradise Park en Chicago, Illinois.

If you're on the Deep Dish pizza team, you'll salivate at this pizzeria. The decor is quirky - think fancy trailer park - and the yard is roomy for lots of dogs. As a fun addition, you can choose the seating arrangement, including cushions on the floor where you can pet your dog while you eat. Wow!

Petite Chou from Patachou in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Open every day from 8 am to 3 pm. for breakfast, lunch, and brunch, this casual eatery is great for pups and their parents. In addition to a delicious menu for humans, they also offer options just for dogs, including cookies andfrozen.

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the South

There is nothing quite as sweet as the southern region of the United States. And what makes it that much sweeter is being able to take your dog to brunch.

Rita is on the river in San Antonio, Texas

Although most dog-friendly restaurants only allow puppies on the patio,Rita is in the river.in San Antonio takes dogs a step further by welcoming them to its air-conditioned outdoor patio. Since summer easily sees temperatures over 100 degrees in Texas, this is a safer way to dine with your dog. They also have a pup-themed menu, including doggie ice cream, white rice with zucchini and carrots, plus free doggie water.muddy.'

Yard Bar en Austin, Texas

When a restaurant's Instagram is mostly cute dogs, you know they're a fan of four-legged friends. As tourism in Austin grows, more people and pets. - they move to this city in Texas. If you call this zip code home or are visiting, you can bring your pup toThe garden, a dog-friendly restaurant with a great patio for outdoor dining. Just make sure your pup is at least four months old,sterilizedocastrated, and current invaccines.

The Dog Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina

For those days at work when a stress-relieving cocktail is in need, it can be stressful for dog owners to rush home, walk their pup…and muster the energy to head back to town. If you're in Charlotte, you don't have to, becausethe dog barallows puppies to bond with their owners. Dogs do not need to be 21 years or older, but must be well behaved on and off leash, up to date on shots, and spayed or neutered.

COMBUSTIBLE Charleston en Charleston, S.C.

With beautiful picnic tables and a large patio,COMBUSTIBLE Charlestonit will help you absorb vitamin D while eating a good meal. It's a dog-friendly restaurant with patio seating for pet parents and their fur babies for lunch, dinner, and/or happy hour.

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Pub Porch Swing en Houston, Texas

For a relaxed dining experience in the heart of Texas, consider visitingPub with porch swing. It's casual, welcoming, and welcomes dogs of all sizes to its outdoor patio. Think: picnic tables, craft beer, and a lot of tailgating!

Yaga Cafe in Galveston, Texas

If you fancy good food and a good atmosphere,Yagas Coffeein Galveston will be your new favorite destination. While the dogs need to be well-behaved, they also need to be ready for new friends, as the staff look forward to getting to know all the pups. In fact, they bring ice cold water in a bowl to dip your dog's whistle in. Talk about service!

lazy dog ​​cafe,locations vary

The name says it all: this restaurant isn't just for dogs; It's dog themed! Upon arrival, your dog will be provided with his own water bowl and, of course, a specialized menu for his taste buds. Options include grilled chicken and brown rice, hamburger, and others.favorite foods for dogs. In addition to many places in California, they are also in Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and other states.


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