Where can I take my dog? Your guide to UK shopping, business and transport (2022) (2023) (2023)

As the proud owner of one or two puppies, you probably don't want to leave them at home unless you have to. But what about when it comes to shopping, using public transportation, or going on vacation? Unfortunately, there will always be some restrictions as to where you can take your dog and for what purpose.

We've all been there: You walk into the front door of your local grocery store only to find that you and your furry friend have been turned away due to store rules. In many cases, these rules are perfectly reasonable—they're there to keep shoppers safe.

However, if you need to take your dog to shops and stores (for physical support, for example), it's worth reading up which main street names will welcome you and your pup.

For this guide, I've delved into the dog policies of some of the UK's biggest and best-known retail outlets, as well as public transport regulations. Before you start shopping, pay attention to which stores will allow your dog to cross the threshold, and which will not!

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Are dogs allowed in UK stores?

In general, yes. There is no law that prevents people from bringing dogs into shops in the UK. However, that does not mean that some stores and businesses cannot implement their own rules.

There are many major UK retail chains that either accept dogs in store for a specific reason or are simply labeled 'dog friendly'. I go into this a little further down in the guide.

It is important to remember that some store owners may not allow dogs in stores for health and safety reasons. While the details I've compiled for you below generally cover stores' national stance on dog entry, discretion still rests with individual owners. So set your expectations accordingly, and ask at the door if you can!

Are dogs allowed in UK restaurants?

As with shops and businesses in the UK, there is no law preventing dogs from entering restaurants, pubs and cafes. However, it is again at the discretion of individual owners. Many dog-friendly pubs and cafes are happy to report that they welcome you and your furry friend over for a drink or two!

However, there is a law that prevents your dog from entering rooms where food is stored and prepared. This falls under the 2013 Food Hygiene Regulations, overseen by European Union regulations. So after Brexit it will be necessary to see if this clause changes or not.

If you're reserving a table at a restaurant, cafe or pub, it might be a good idea to call or email ahead of your visit and check whether or not dogs are allowed to visit. This way you can avoid the disappointment of walking down the middle of the street, only to turn around!

General British shops and stores

What stores in the UK allow dogs? As mentioned above, there are no laws in the UK that prevent dogs from visiting shops and stores, but there are general guidelines that some brands can apply across the country. Additionally, individual traders are repealing the right to deny access to dogs. Here's a great list of some of the best high street shops in Britain and whether or not they welcome you and your pup.


Anthropologie is reportedly very dog-friendly, but policies can vary from industry to industry. The home goods and accessories chain is pet-friendly, guide or non-guide, and all they ask is that you maintain control of your animal during your visit.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

loaded apple

Apple stores in the UK are mostly dog-friendly, as long as you keep your pup on a leash. In some scenarios, you may need to pick them up to go (if you can!). Check with your local store before visiting.

Do you allow dogs?:Y


There's little information on whether Argos allows dogs nationwide, but I'm guessing that means you can't bring pets into the store. Their statewide guide dog policy is also a bit confusing, which means you'll need to check with your local branch. Chances are you'll have to leave your pup with a friend while you shop at Argos.

Do you allow dogs?:IMPROBABLE

B & M

B&M, the popular home, garden and toy store, offers a 'Guide Dogs Only' policy, after some research! This appears to be a result of health and safety. Policies may vary from branch to branch, but it's best to keep your pup away unless he's registered and serving as a guide.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


B&Q does not allow dogs in any of its UK stores, unlike rivals Homebase. Guide or assistance dogs are excepted, as they wear appropriate harnesses and must be officially registered.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Barbour is known to be the UK's most dog-friendly clothing and shoe chain - they love hosting pets and their owners! The chain dog clothes andcamasThey're fantastic too, as always, just make sure you keep your pup on a leash and don't mess around when you visit.

Do you allow dogs?:Y

kath kidston

Good news: Cath Kidston's stores are reportedly dog-friendly, as long as you keep your dog on a leash. This can vary from store to store (for example, if your store is in a mall, dogs are not necessarily allowed). The size of your local Cath Kidston can also determine whether or not they can accommodate larger dogs. Check ahead!

Do you allow dogs?:Y

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With no explicit laws against bringing dogs into stores, there don't appear to be any strict rules at CEX. Whether or not your local branch allows pets to be seen, so check before you head out. Some dog owners report that some of the larger technology and entertainment stores allow pets. Is it worth the risk?

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Clarks shoe stores are generally dog-friendly, at least you can bring guide dogs and assistance dogs into the stores. However, the brand points out that most stores do not turn pets away. The Clarks Village outlet in Somerset in particular is very dog ​​friendly - take them shoe shopping!

Do you allow dogs?:Y


Bad news for dog owners: Decathlon UK only allows puppies in the store if they are guide or service animals. Don't lose hope though, as their official line is that this policy can vary at the discretion of each store. It is worth checking beforehand that you cannot leave your dog behind.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

Dobbies Garden Center

Dobbies Garden Centers are completely dog-friendly, although you should keep them away from play areas and food halls at certain locations. Fresh water is available for your dog as you accompany him to your nearest garden store and take care of the water for her.the dog is on a leash(and then clean), there is absolutely no discrimination.

Do you allow dogs?:Y

To go outside

Many Go Outdoors stores are dog-friendly, and it helps if you can check the chain's website to see if your local store accepts puppies on their store pages. Good news if you're stocking up on gear for your next camping trip and can't bear to leave Rover behind!

Do you allow dogs?:Y


Assuming you keep yoursdog on leashWhile shopping for H&M fashion, most store owners are happy to let you in with your pet. Again, this may be arbitrary, but the chain has received a lot of positive praise for following Wilko's lead in recent years, and unlike other fashion stores, H&M is leading the way for dog-loving clothing consumers.

Do you allow dogs?:Y


Good news for savvy dog ​​owners: all Hobbycraft stores are dog-friendly. The arts and crafts chain simply asks you to leash and supervise any dogs you bring with you.

Do you allow dogs?:Y

home bargain

Home Bargains is similar to B&M, it's a junk shop that deals in just about anything, but unfortunately their pup policy is very similar as well. You may not bring a dog to Home Bargains unless he is a service animal. This may vary from store to store, but this is the chain's policy nationwide.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Homebase welcomes dogs nationwide, as long as you closely supervise your dog and keep it on a leash. The home and garden supermarket brand advises that some stores may not follow this guidance, which means it pays to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Unfortunately, Swedish home goods giant IKEA is a bit restrictive when it comes to allowing dogs in the store. Their official stance is that dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores in the UK. However, some evidence suggests that individual stores are considering bringing smaller dogs in bags during their visit. It is best to check in advance at your respective branch.

Do you allow dogs?:IMPROBABLE


LUSH is known to be pet-friendly in all of its beauty and bath products, and you can bring your pup to the store, too.

Do you allow dogs?:Y


Next does not allow dogs in its stores, and has specifically mentioned that allowing large dogs used to cause "problems." The best thing to do is leave your pup with someone he knows and loves while he does some shopping!

Do you allow dogs?:IMPROBABLE

Oliver Bonas

Lifestyle outfitter Oliver Bonas is a well-known dog-friendly brand, and most of its stores accept pets and their owners. As always, if you're not sure if your branch is following this rule, it's good to check first.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

pets at home

As one of the UK's best-known pet supermarket chains, it's no surprise that Pets At Home is so dog-friendly. Keep your pup on a leash and you'll be fine. Some of the larger Pets At Home locations offer dogscare servicesand many also offer free dog biscuits at checkout for dog shoppers to enjoy too!

Do you allow dogs?:Y

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The mail

For health and safety reasons, directly operated Post Offices do not allow dogs in the store unless they are service animals. However, you may be able to take your pets to unmanaged branches, which means you'll simply have to ask your local deputy postmaster. Alternatively, have someone wait outside with your pup!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of Primark clothing and accessories isn't dog-friendly, unless you bring a dog along to help you out. So you need to make sure they have a clear guidedog harness- Unfortunately, other animals are turned away, which means you need someone to take care of them while you go shopping.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

The range

The range is sometimes dog-friendly, but you have to take chances from branch to branch. Some dog owners say they have had no problem bringing pets to home supply stores; others have not been so lucky. My advice? Call before you visit.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Health and beauty giant Superdrug will only allow service dogs in its stores, likely for health and safety reasons. Rover will have to call this off I'm afraid!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Like Primark, clothing and home goods supermarket TK Maxx will only allow service dogs in its stores. According to social media, that's mostly because they sell groceries - it's all about health and safety. Again, as with other national chains, this can vary from store to store, but it's safe to assume that Fido stays home.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

water stones

In general, Waterstones allows dogs in its bookstores, as long as you keep them on a leash and closely supervise them. Some stores even offer water bowls for thirsty pups! In some cases, this can be a branch-to-branch problem.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

WH Smith

WH Smith generally does not allow dogs, especially where they work with a post office counter in the store. He may need to keep his pet outside.

Do you allow dogs?:IMPROBABLE


Wilko is taking steps to make some of its stores pet-friendly after piloting it in 2021. That meansSome branches will let you bring your dog in– nationally even around two-thirds. Find out more online before you buy!

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Zara clothing stores accept dogs as long as they are guide or service animals. So always make sure your dog has the correct harness and registration to gain access to these offers! Some research suggests that some Zara stores may allow dogs, such as the Covent Garden store. At this point, it's probably best to keep your pup away.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

Cafes, Fast Food and Cafes

Which restaurants and cafes allow dogs in the UK? Believe it or not, there are quite a few coffee shops, fast food places, and diners where you can bring your pets for a drink or two. Let's take a look at some of the bigger chains that allow dogs, and which ones don't.

king of burgers

Burger King takes a welcome approach to allowing guide dogs and service animals, but pets are generally not welcome, although this can vary from location to location. It's probably a hygiene factor.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

Black coffee

Caffe Nero may allow dogs, but follows a strict branch policy. The brand openly admits that it doesn't have specific laws preventing you from bringing dogs into its cafes, but some establishments may deny you entry. Research suggests that some Caffe Nero outlets may be willing to let smaller dogs in. I haven't tried a German Shepherd, sorry!

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


In Costa you can buy your dog a "puppuccino" to enjoy outdoors (in cafes with terraces). However, you can't take your dog inside, unless he offers to help, of course. This rule applies to all Costa stores, and is about health and safety. Again, if possible, it's worth asking for some cream to feed your pet!

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

mc donalds

Although McDonalds is a fast food delivery company, McDonalds welcomes dogs as long as they are used for guidance or assistance. As always, please ensure your pet is properly harnessed and fully registered before visiting. Otherwise, you may have to order takeout.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

Pret a cot

As a food and beverage provider, Pret a Manger generally does not allow animals unless needed for guidance or support. However, some stores are reportedly open to allowing small dogs in the store as long as they do not come into contact with food or drink preparation areas. This is where discretion matters.

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Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


You can bring your dog to Starbucks as long as you keep him on the outdoor patio (if your branch has one!). Good news if you're out with your pup and fancy a quick drink. In some cases, some branches even allow you to have a separate cup of whipped cream for your furry friend! Starbucks is an interesting case in that it's a rare example of a national coffee brand that's openly dog-friendly, but not indoors. Although,Some stores may vary.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Which supermarkets allow dogs in the UK? In general, it's rare to see dogs roaming UK supermarkets! However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there may be some exceptions. Read on to find out more about the UK's biggest chains.


ALDI accepts dogs as long as they are registered service animals or guide animals; Other animals are not accepted for health and safety reasons, even if you can bring them.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Unfortunately, ASDA does not allow dogs to visit its locations throughout the UK, including supermarkets, petrol stations and cafes. This is mainly because they mostly sell groceries - it's all about health and safety! However, ASDA welcomes assistance dogs.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

the cooperative

Co-op locations differ when it comes to allowing dogs in the store – it largely depends on who owns the location you want to visit! In general, Co-Op states that dogs are not allowed due to health and safety practices. It's worth checking with your local store, just in case.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


LIDL follows most other supermarkets and grocery stores in allowing dogs only if they are guides or assistants. There's also no store-to-store discretion, which means you should keep your pup away from the store.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Marks and Spencer, or M&S, does not allow non-service dogs in its stores. This applies to smaller units at train stations, airports and your main offices. It is the same rule as ASDA: it is a matter of hygiene.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Not surprisingly, Morrisons doesn't allow dogs in the store, as they mainly sell food and drinks. The exception, like other supermarkets, is that they allow guide and service dogs.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Sainsburys follows ASDA and M&S: they don't allow dogs in the store unless they are registeredService or guide animals. They also do not allow animals into their stores, and again this applies to service stations and smaller venues like Sainsburys Local stores.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


As with other supermarkets, Tesco's dog policy refers strictly to guide or service animals; this also applies to smaller dogs. It's unlikely you'll be able to take your dog into smaller Tesco stores across the UK, as well as other associated stores and retailers.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Waitrose welcomes guide dogs and assistance dogs, who are clearly harnessed as such, but sadly other animals have to stay at home or wait outside. It's a matter of hygiene, and Waitrose can be quite busy at the best of times!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT

department store

Which department stores allow dogs in the UK? Some department stores are exceptions to the "no dogs allowed" rule of thumb, but what about the biggest UK brands? Let's take a closer look.

john lewis and partner

You can bring your dog to most John Lewis & Partners stores! The brand has relaxed its rules for summer 2021, meaning you and your pup can explore most of its locations freely. However, they are not allowed to bring dogs onto their rooftop terraces, dining rooms, and outlets.

Do you allow dogs?:Y


Unlike Selfridges and John Lewis, Harrods is dog-friendly, unless you're bringing a guide dog or service animal that is clearly harnessed and fully registered!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


The London luxury retailer recently relaxed its dog sizing guidelines, meaning you can bring even an adorable Great Dane into the shopping metropolis. All the store asks is that your dog be well behaved, which means worst case scenario is lead and muzzle time. Since Liberty retails some very breakable and delicate items, it pays to keep a close eye on your dog.

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Do you allow dogs?:Y


Selfridges stores can vary when it comes to dog policies: some allow pets in the store, while others only allow guide or service dogs. Be sure to check before you visit!

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT


Before you even hit the shops, it's worth checking whether or not Fido can ride rails! This is what he needs to know.

Are dogs allowed on the trains?

Dogs can travel on UK trains as long as they are muzzled and on a leash. You may have to pay an additional fee for a large dog, but small pets can usually travel free. Check with your provider!

Are dogs allowed on the buses?

Generally speaking, you can take your dog with you on the bus. However, it is at the discretion of your driver! Guide dogs are always allowed on the trip; otherwise, it's worth trying your luck with the next available driver.

Can I take my dog ​​on the subway?

Fortunately, all of TfL is dog-friendly, which means you can take your dog with you on your next tube journey absolutely free. This also applies to trams and other trains in and around London!

Can I take my dog ​​in an Uber?

You can take your dog (or cat) with you in an Uber Pet car, a service that was introduced in the last few years! Simply open the Uber app as usual and select "Uber Pet" when it comes to booking your ride. This really comes in handy when you need to take your dog to the vet on short notice and don't have a car available!

Are dogs allowed on the benches?

As with stores and supermarkets, there is no explicit rule or law that prohibits customers from bringing dogs into banks or building societies. Because these locations do not prepare or provide food or beverages, there is negligible risk to health and safety. However, some locations may not allow visiting dogs due to the manager's discretion.

Some dog owners report that they can take dogs with them while they stand in line to see a cashier. My advice? Check security at the gate before taking your pup over the threshold, and make sure you have someone with you to hold him in case he's not allowed inside.

leisure and vacation

Holidays with dogs can be a lot of fun, but in some cases you may not be able to take your pup with you to rest and relax. For example, many hotels and resorts have policies that restrict access to guide and assistance dogs only. In many cases, this is the result of health and safety issues.

If you're planning a holiday or short trip within the UK anytime soon and want to know whether or not you can take your pup with you, read on for a breakdown of some of the most well-known accommodation providers and resorts.

alton towers

While you certainly can't take your dog for a walk in Alton Towers, there are plenty of lodging options nearby where you can take your pet for a few days. Also, please note that Alton Towers Resort does not allow dogs on its premises unless they are guide or service animals.

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Butlins generally doesn't allow pets at their main resorts, but you may be able to bring your dog to their caravan sites if you're staying in their own pitch. Butlins recommends that you contact your chosen site prior to your visit to ensure that their pup is welcome.

Do you allow dogs?:DIFFERENT

central parks

Brilliant news: Center Parcs is openly dog-friendly and even allows you to bring cats and rabbits, too. Pet friendliness can vary from cabin to cabin, but the vacation provider is happy to allow guests to bring their furry friends along for the fun. You can even find dog-friendly exercise spots on Center Parcs landings, though you'll need to keep your dog on a leash while driving through a town.

Do you allow dogs?:Y

kew gardens

Unfortunately, only guide and assistance dogs are allowed to accompany visitors to the beautiful Kew Gardens. This will likely help keep the complex spotless, but you'll have to find somewhere else to walk your pup!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


If you're looking for family-friendly bungalows at the famous Pontins resorts, you might as well bring a dog along for some fun. Be sure to check out boarding deals and add your pup to your online reservation before you check out.

Do you allow dogs?:Y

Premier Inn

Premier Inn welcomes guide dogs and service animals, but unfortunately you are unable to add your pets to your booking. It may be worth looking into other options nearby, such as B's. Dog-friendly B&Bs!

Do you allow dogs?:ONLY SUPPORT


Hayvarious "pet-friendly" Travelodge hotelswhere you can take your pup for a short break. All you have to do is check the "pets" box when booking online; an additional cleaning fee will apply for health and safety reasons. However, you don't have to pay for them if you have a guide or assistance dog!

Do you allow dogs?:Y


We all want to take our pups with us when we go shopping, pubs and even on vacation! In some cases it is simply not possible, mainly due to health and safety measures. Unfortunately, they're there for a reason, and it's best to stick with them!

This is just a selection of the UK's leading shops, convenience stores and supermarkets and their dog policies; As always, remember that some of these stores are in malls that may have priority rules. Best to do your research before you buy - you may be able to bring your pup along!

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