Untreated wooden dining table legs | homemade (2023)

Guide for wooden dining table legs

If you are looking for high qualityunfinished dining table legsfor your next project, Highland Manor Wood is the best choice for you. Our unfinished DIY dining table legs are designed to last forever. Our natural wood dining table legs can be painted or stained right away.

We have a variety of wooden dining table legs in different sizes and styles. We also have many custom wood turned products.Legs in turned solid woodare our specialty. Farm, country farm, contemporary, modern, eclectic, traditional are just some of the styles our company offers. Maple, oak, cherry, pine and many other options are available to choose a wood species for your unfinished dining table legs. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us for a free quote to create any style imaginable or to coordinate your dining table legs with other projects in your home. We also offer coffee table legs, side table legs, and many other solid wood furniture pieces. Add beauty to your projects with ease and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.


Dining table leg length

Dining table leg designs

How to color the legs of the dining table

How to install dining table legs

Dining table leg length

Now we are going to discuss the right way to choose unfinished dining table legs for your project and we have also gathered the links for purchase. All of our wooden dining table legs are pre-sanded and ready to be finished in many wood species.

If you already know what kind of unfinished table legs you are looking for, below are the necessary links:

dining table legs

end of table legs

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coffee table legs

bench and seat legs

For those who want help choosing the best wooden furniture for their project, below are the details.

Highland Manor Wood Products has the finest wood to suit your needs - whatever your project!

The points mentioned below should be considered while choosing an unfinished wooden furniture leg.

  • height length
  • Largo
  • type of wood
  • Style
  • Do you need a "45 degree notch"?

Leg height/length depends on the type of table (or bench/seat) you are looking for. Desks and dining room tables are generally the same height (29 inches tall), with end tables ('21 inches tall') being slightly shorter and coffee tables (18 inches tall), stools and even shorter (18-inch-high) seats.

Dining Tables - 29" tall

Desks - "29 tall

Side tables - "21 height

Coffee tables - "18 height

Benches and chairs "height 18

How to measure table legs?

The sizes above are standard sizes, and if you want to match your furniture, you need the right size first. Measure the distance between the floor and the bottom of the table base. Do not measure the top of the table for sizing accuracy, just measure from the floor to the bottom of the table base.

Dining table leg designs

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We offer many different types of dining table legs. Each comes with unique designs. Some designs and styles we offer are listed below.

Dining table legs in untreated solid wood

Our dining table legs are 29" tall and range in width from 2 3/4" to 5". All of our wooden table legs are untreated and sanded to a 150 grit. The legs are designed by the finest craftsmen. Our products are carefully packaged to be delivered to your doorstep for your DIY projects.

Our wood species options allow you to choose the best options for different projects and for different budgets. You can paint or dye our products, whatever your project needs!

round dining table legs

Untreated wooden dining table legs | homemade (1)

round dining table legsare for those looking for traditional style table legs. A variety of styles and sizes are available in this category.

Highland Manor Wood Products always supplies the highest quality table legs.

The table legs can also be used for table legs, custom legs, and other projects that require 29 inches in height.

square dining table legs

Untreated wooden dining table legs | homemade (2)

Oursquare dining table legsthey also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are sanded and can be finished. Both hardwood and softwood options are available on square dining table legs to help you choose the best possible option for your project. If you are looking for something contemporary then our square dining table legs are the best choice, giving it a sleek and modern look. These square table leg styles work best in contemporary, urban, industrial, and eclectic designs.

Side table, coffee table and bench legs

Untreated wooden dining table legs | homemade (3)

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end of table legsare available in 21" tall.coffee table legsare the best choices for tables and benches that are 18 inches tall. They are also available in 34 1/2 inch heights.

Our dedicated craftsmen are here to provide you with quality customer service. Behind your wooden table legs, Highland Manor Wood Products is here to provide you with the very best for your projects for years to come.

How to color the legs of the dining table

Professional staining of untreated wood dining table legs only requires a few steps. Let's discuss these steps one by one.

  • Step 1

Remove the table legs using an Allen key or screwdriver. Screws are usually located under the corner of the table.

  • step 2

Screw a leg into a vise clamp by placing the top (where the leg meets the table) horizontally in the clamp with a minimal amount of the top of the leg in the clamp.

  • stage 3

Unless the leg is new and unfinished, remove the older color or discoloration by rubbing the surface of the leg with whetstones. Furniture separator blocks are available under a variety of brand names and do not require liquid chemicals. Break blocks should be rubbed lightly to avoid scratching the furniture.

  • Step 4

Then the legs are sanded until the leg is smooth. Extra dust and sand is wiped off with a towel or cloth. Skip this step if you are already purchasing one of our pre-sanded and finished furniture legs.

  • step 5

Open the trash can by sliding a flathead screwdriver under the edge and lifting. Move the screwdriver around the cover and open it.

  • step 6

Dip the brush/sponge into the stain and wipe the excess stain off the top of the can.

  • step 7

Paint the dining table leg in the direction of the wood grain, the end of the leg after starting from the top of the leg. Wipe the extra stain off the brush to prevent dripping. Paint all the legs and let it dry for about four hours.

  • step 8

The leg is removed from the clamp. Rotate the leg so that the undyed part is visible in the clamp. Cut a small strip of cloth and wrap it around the stained part of the upper leg you just dyed. Place the leg in the clamp. Color the undyed part of the upper leg. Let the stain dry.

  • step 9

Apply the polyurethane coating as a spray or brush. When spraying, hold clear polyurethane spray tip at least 12 inches from leg to minimize dripping and allow to dry.

  • step 10

Remove the vise leg. Spray the tops of unpainted legs and allow the polyurethane to dry completely in about 24 hours. Then reattach the table leg using the existing hardware.

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Below are some things to consider when installing wooden dining table legs:

  • Wood screws should not be screwed directly into the table
  • Keep the total height of the dining table legs to 30 inches
  • For dining tables, position the legs 16-20" from the end of the table to sit comfortably on the other end
  • With legs in place, mark all mounting holes
  • Remove legs and drill holes for threaded inserts
  • Install the threaded inserts using a little glue for lubrication.
  • Use furniture screws to secure the legs to the table top. Don't over tighten, just fit snug.