Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (2023)

Pottery Barn-Like Stores and Where to Find Affordable Pottery Barn-Style Furniture

I've listed 14 stores to get the Pottery Barn look for less!

Let's not pretend that we all don't like shopping. Obviously, I love shopping for home decor (unfortunately for my husband). But I also love finding deals and I hate paying full price for anything and I really hate paying for shipping.

I made three trips to the World Market which is 40 minutes from my house to bring home our new I hate paying for shipping.

I also love finding designer duplicates or similar items that cost a fraction of the cost of the most expensive item.

This post is based on another post I wrote aboutwhere to find cheap decoration.

I haven't reread this post in a while, so there's most likely some overlap, so I'll apologize now.

And as I do with most of my posts, I like to start with one of my favorites…

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Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (1)

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Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (2)

Pottery Barn Competitors

1.) World Market

If I had to pick one store I would recommend for Pottery Barn-style furniture, it would be World Market.

If you know me, you know that I love the World Market. It has been my destiny for the last 16 years. Most of my furniture is from the world market. I have just boughtmy world market section.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (3)

It is a modular sectional so you can build your sectional the way you want.

I've said it before and I'll say it again…the prices on the World Market are second to none and especially when they have one of their furniture sales. And I feel like they have it often.

I bought my section during one of their sales.

This black sofa table is also from World Market, but it is 16 years old. It still looks new.

You can see more of mineWorld Market Favorites Here

They also have more than just furniture. From baskets to candle holders, they have it all. I will be a fan forever.

Here are some of my favourites:

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (4)

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (5)

2.) Feria

Another store that is slowly becoming one of my favorites is Wayfair. I absolutely cannot say enough great things about their customer service. That alone has made me a customer for life.


Just a word of warning... you can sink into an endless black hole in Wayfair if you're not careful. I found mykitchen island pendantsen Wayfair

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (6)

I think I first looked at 562,548 pendants.

Wayfair is also a great place to find furniture like Pottery Barn.

3.) Amazonas

Oh Amazon... talk about a black hole. I think I've written three different Amazon home decor posts.

i love themstone and beamline. They have everything from furniture to home decor accessories.

I have purchased many home decor accessories from Amazon. I think most of my shelf decor is from Amazon. All my bookmarks should be linked in myshowcase on amazonfor you.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (7)

4.) IKEA

IKEA is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop for affordable home decor. There are some people who absolutely love IKEA (me) and some people who hate IKEA (my husband).

I have no idea what there is to hate.

We have the infamous Ektorp sofa and for the love of all things guacamole, you can't beat the price and it looks a lot like the Pottery Barn ceramic covered sofa and for 1/4 the price.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (8)

Okay, so maybe it's not as comfortable as the Pottery Barn sofa, but who cares? Well, maybe my husband does.

You can see more of my thoughts on ourektorp sofa here. (Ektorp is being phased out and replaced byupland sofawhich is still much more affordable than any piece of furniture in Pottery Barn)

and you can see whyI love IKEA so much in this post.

I don't care what my husband says, I've been an IKEA fan forever.

5.) Household Items

HomeGoods or TJ Maxx are other great places to find some Pottery Barn lookalikes.

If you're shopping in the store and you see something you like, get it because it's out of stock tomorrow.

Believe me I know.

You can also shop online and from time to timeTJ Maxxwill offer free shipping with no minimum. Now you can also buy home decoration online atmarshall

6.) Ballard Projects

I don't talk much about Ballard Designs around here because it usually doesn't fit my husband's budget. But there are times when Ballard has good sales, so I like to visit their website from time to time.

I get so many questions about these pendants in my kitchen in our old house every time I share this photo.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (9)

I bought them at Ballard years ago, butthey still have them. I waited until they were for sale and then attacked.

(Video) EASY High End DIY Decor Like Pottery Barn, But Cheaper!

this is how i roll

7.) Objective

This is a no-brainer...obviously. Between thechimney and hand lineand now the newStudio McGee Lineat Target, I can't leave Target empty-handed.

Not that I could before.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (10)

arched mirror

8.) Nordstrom House

Another place that few people consider isNordstromminordstrom shelf. I actually bought mineNordstrom office mat

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (11)

Once again, I waited until they had a sale going. If you're shopping online at Nordstrom Rack, I recommend not playing with your thumbs if you see something you like. never last long online

9.) Walmart

Yes, I am comparing Pottery Barn to Walmart. But did you see theLinha Better Homes and Garden en Walmart?!?!

And as you may have guessed, I wrote a blog post aboutmy favorites from walmart. I must say that their selection online is much better than what they offer in stores.

10.) Hobby Lobby

I won't lie when I say that I love Hobby Lobby. Yes, one can be overwhelmed going in, but I find a lot of good things. Some things aren't my style, but others are on point and can mimic some high-end decor pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Yes, I wrote a post abouthobby lobby

11.) Pottery Barn Adolescente

Ok this might sound like a silly suggestion butsometimesyou can find “not for teens” home decor at PB Teen for less than you can find on the PB website

let's get thislinen flush mountfor example, on the PB Teen website.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (12)

Here it isyour dear sisterthe ceramic barn

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (13)


Sometimes you just need to check it out...and don't think I didn't look up Pottery Barn Baby for our house too.

12.) The Western Elm

I can't say that I shop at West Elm often, but when I can, I like to shop. If you have one near you I recommend you go. We found my husband's recliner for almost 70% off the original price

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (14)

13.) Casa H&M

How can I almost forget about H&M? I was chasing them. Well, technically I still do. i love thempillow covers.

(Video) Let's DIY Thrifted Decor To Look Like Pottery Barn!

Whenever someone asks me where to find affordable pillowcases, I send them to H&M. And once a month or two, I'll check yourdecoration sectionJust to see what's new.

I have just boughtnew curtainsfor my H&M dining room. I love these curtains more than I thought. They are a linen blend and come with pleated tape already sewn in so you can make these curtains look a lot more expensive than they are.

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (15)

Curtains like this at Pottery Barn would cost an arm and a leg. (FYI... I used two curtain panels for each side to make them look fuller.)

You can see more about how Ipinch pleat my curtains here.

14.) Casa Urban Outfitters

Similar to H&M (in my opinion) it isCasa da Urban Outfitters. They remind me more of an economic anthropology.

(PS... I wrote adeceived anthropological mirrorposted a while ago)

Going back to Urban Outfitters... like I said, they are more modern with your home decor, but worth checking out.

They may not be the cheapest place to find Pottery Barn jerks, but they do have some younger/modern pieces than Pottery Barn.

How is this fun?floor lamp.

Some tips to get discounts on decorating your home

A quick hack I've done over the years to help save money on my home decor (or anything, really). Once you find the item you love, go tograndma gift cardoCard gameand see if you can find discounted gift cards for the store you're shopping at. I do most of my shopping online, so I look for eGift cards.

You should receive an email almost instantly after purchasing the gift card with the code you will use for your online purchase. I also bought a few gift cards at the same time at the same store if they are available for more discounts.

And if you want more savings, you can also visit eBay and look for coupons. I recently found a Pottery Barn coupon to save 20% and get free shipping. The coupon cost me $2.99 ​​and I saved much more than that on my order using the coupon. The seller was able to email me the coupon code to use online. Be sure to read all the fine print.

Always look for a promo code online.RetailMeNotIt's a great place to look for promotional codes.

(If you like these little tips, sign up for my newsletter. I've been trying to send out a Friday Finds newsletter when I can (don't worry, I won't spam you) with all sorts of discount codes and discounts I can find for this week .)

Finally, here are some frequently asked questions I get about Pottery Barn

Is Pottery Barn still popular?

Is if. It will always be "popular". Pottery Barn offers timeless, classic décor and furnishings that the average person can relate to. It will always be my old trusty store that I visit from time to time.

Some pieces will be a little more on-trend, but for the most part, if you want something that is timeless and will endure through all trends, Pottery Barn is your store.

You can't go wrong with Pottery Barn.

Why is Pottery Barn so expensive?

This is a difficult question for me. My goal is to find affordable decor and furniture, but I'm also realizing that you get what you pay for. But it's not always like this.

I'm pretty impressed with everything I have in my house and almost nothing comes from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn is more expensive than most places I've talked about, but there are many reasons for this.

It's not just the quality of their parts that makes them more expensive. There are labor costs, they offer free design services, and their (free) catalogs are some of the best I've seen. There is a lot behind the scenes at Pottery Barn that we don't get to see and I think some of that is reflected in their prices.

Click on any image to buy:


Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (16)

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (17)

Stores like Pottery Barn and where to buy affordable home decor

If you want to save this for later, you can pin it here:

Shops like Pottery Barn (but cheaper) (18)

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