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I haven't heard the czech dub yet, but the sitcom is excellent. A great comedian K thanks in no small part to his quirky humor and real-life situations, Seinfield is a true classic. The fact that the series has more than 20% less than The Big Bang Theory (after expanding the main cast, the character of the series changed a lot) or How I Met Your Mother (over time, they made a lot of tea with a few bags ) It is really surprising. It must be said that the end of the series is one of the most controversial of all time, not only within the genre.()


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When a Central European in the 1920s watches Seinfeld (for the first time in his life) he won't be as amused and laugh as Americans in the early 1990s, but the fact that he's watching it in its entirety will, is probably proof enough that, although in our region and with the passage of time it is no longer as culturally creative and iconic as it was on the other side of the Atlantic 30 years ago, there is something “about it”, that carefree charm, that "unbearable lightness of being" that gets under your skin and makes you want to be a part of these four trouble-free friends in the midst of a vibrant, conflict-free New Yorker for a moment... I liked all the characters First place goes naturally and expectedly to Kramer, but also pathetic and unsympathetic characters like George or Seinfeld himself appear in some specials (and who knows if that was really intentional or just fate). kt became a happy coincidence) so that you fall in love with her. but what is probably the most interesting result of watching Seinfeld for a Central European in 2021 is to realize that Friends is just plagiarism :) well done and brilliant, but plagiarism...()


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NOVA once aired about 4 dozen episodes under the name THE JERRY SEINFELD SHOW. It is one of the best "about nothing" sitcoms, that is, one that is based on real life situations. Seinfeld's antisocial and eccentric neighbor Kramer is absolutely brilliant, enhanced by Ivan Trojan's excellent voice acting. I wish NOVA would return to this sitcom. (25.3.2004)()


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In my experience, the phrase "this show isn't about anything" is heard all too often. However, with Seinfeld, this is true and on purpose. Virtually unique in the world of series, Seinfeld remains nothing for nine seasons, for no more consistent reason than the mundane, everyday life of a neurotic comedian and his three equally flawed and driven friends. Its charm lies in its sense of detail and continuity and the resulting incredible amount of running jokes. Whether it's all sorts of character flaws, nicknames, and the like, Seinfeld loves and coddles his characters despite their often unbearable personalities, never betraying them out of sympathy, and thus doesn't fall into the average or mainstream. at that moment. Proof of this is, for example, the finale of the seventh season, which is possibly the most disgusting sitcom moment of all time. On paper, Jerry is the most normal person and the "best" person at the party, but in 180 episodes he changes around 70 girlfriends and is capable of dumping them for the most trivial of reasons (does the guy shake hands?). The only female of the group, the beautiful and sweet Elaine (divinely played by Julie Louis-Dreyfus), is usually the biggest guy (masturbation bet, soup Nazi). Fat, bald and selfish George competes with grumpy sidekick Kramer for the title of Zevela of the Century. Add to that a huge constellation of recurring characters who can take over the scene in one leap (Mrs. Costanza or David Puddy come to mind first), and the result is a never-ending spectacle of whimsy, selfishness, mostly annoyance, but almost always very funny full of meta humor. Before watching it, I was prejudiced against the series, never liking Jerry's stand-up and, paradoxically, he's the weakest element here as well (and the main reason I'm holding out on five stars, second being the disastrously disastrous ending). bad, although it remains uncompromising, like the entire series). However, to say that Seinfeld is average, cheesy, or unrefined is terribly ignorant. PS: I would like to end by writing a few words, here they are: Mulva! juicy fruits! witch woman! To turn off! Contraction! Hello Jerry! Hello Neuman! BLA bla! aaa and Stellaaaa! ESTELAAAAAAA!!!()

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I always found it the best sitcom and at the same time a pioneer in this genre.Friends. Until I gave Seinfeld and his "show" a try. To put things in perspectiveFriendsThey are still a much better series as they have gone a step further and tied the sitcom to a sprawling story and developed relationships between the characters. But it is now quite clear that they were not pioneers.Friends, quiteSeinfeld. In the short (five episodes) first season, the show is still somewhat searching for its identity, but while it doesn't immediately win over audiences, it's clear from the start that the show is well established and has great potential to become a hit sitcom. And that is exactly what happens. There will be a meteoric rise from Season 2: the characters will "sit down", the viewer will get used to them and enjoy this episode with all the jokes and their daily "problems", including Jerry's poignant comedic introductions and framing conclusions each. episode... For me, the second and third seasons are the best and there are many iconic parts in them, for example, the part of the Chinese restaurant, the part of the revenge of the boss and the part of the laundry, the part of the mall parking lot or maybe the Florida part with Jerry's parents where Elaine breaks his back... The fourth and fifth series go in the same vein and also contain some of the best episodes of the entire series ("marine biologist"etc.). A slight change in tone will only come in the sixth season, where there will also be an interesting transformation (or you could say "position change") of the characters of George and Elaine. There was apparently a director change at that time, so a slight change in the atmosphere of the series is understandable. Despite this, the series is still standing and the quality does not give way. The demise won't come until season eight for an obvious reason: lead creator and executive producer Larry David, who Jerry Seinfeld worked with on the script, is gone. Supposedly the focus of all of this was then solely on Seinfeld, who was then left on his own, making it difficult to manage everything as before. Parts of the series are said to have lost their comic introductions and endings because there was no longer the ability to make them up yourself. Therefore, there are some weaker and somewhat more bizarre parts in the eighth and final ninth season, which are not only less entertaining, but also make the situations presented more difficult to identify with. Thankfully, things pick up at the end and the end of the entire series is pretty amazing (while the viewer "sees through" a bit and gets a chance to rate the characters afterward). Regardless, it's a good thing the series ended like this and had no ambitions to continue. It's definitely admirable how long he kept the bar high and that he knew when it was time to "find closure" with the characters. At the same time, I was really surprised by how many ideas and themes he had throughout the series.Seinfeldfirst duringFriendsthey were later inspired by it. At certain times, it is quite obvious that a particular situation was a template for later events and themes.Friends. Also throughout the series.SeinfeldWe will meet several different actors who became more famous later in the series.Friends- just for fun. if i try backwardsShow Jerryho SeinfeldaRating, while not the BEST sitcom and in the last two series the quality of some episodes has gone down, most of the series is so good, funny and imaginative that it definitely deserves a high rating. Here at ČSFD I find it a bit underrated, so while I'm torn between giving it a strong four stars or a weaker five, I tend to give it a higher rating in the end.SeinfeldHe deserves it.~(4,5)~()



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  • You were considered for the role of George.danny de vito,carril nathan,David Alan Grier,larry mueller,old duneAfir hall.(HerrPierc)
  • Jerry Seinfeld was inspired by ending the series with the Beatles. They too ended their operations after nine years.(HerrPierc)
  • AlthoughSeinfeldit is set on New York's Upper West Side, with almost all of the filming taking place in Los Angeles.(To participate)


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