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In the state of Texas, cutting and styling hair is a profession that requires formal training. If you want to break into this field, then you will need to enroll in a barber school. Like barbering is a profession that has been around for centuries. So barber school can be a great career choice if you have the right skill set and the right training. However, the question on many people's minds is how much does it cost to attend barber school? And what are the requirements?

Let this post guide you through everything you need to know about applying to barber college in Texas.
What is the duration of barber schools?

There are short courses available that last just a few months. However, the traditional length of barber school is1,200 – 1,500 hoursthat lasts9-12 monthss depending on how many classes you attend per week. Texas Barber College follows a curriculum created by the State Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). What this means is that if you want to become a certified professional barber, your training must be from an institution recognized by the Texas Board of Examining Barbers.

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What do barbers learn?

A barbering course will teach you everything from cutting hair to basic business skills. In some cases, students have been known to learn skin disease recognition as well as CPR certification during their time at barber school. And upon completion, students can take the exam and become certified professional hairdressers.

How much does it cost to go to barber school?

If you're wondering how much it costs to attend a barbershop college in Texas, the answer may vary depending on the institution and the length of the barbershop program. The standard price for a 10-month course at Texas Barber College is around $13,500-$14,500. Some institutions can charge up to $15,000 for tuition.
However, there are special options available if you want to attend hairdressing school at a more affordable price. For example, some institutions have payment plans spread over several months instead of paying all at once.
That way, you can easily apply without having to worry about saving money or funding your studies. There are even scholarship programs that help students get off the ground in their hair cutting career with little to no out-of-pocket expenses.
According to UNIVSTATS, the average cost of a barber education at Texas Barber College is as follows for final completion:
Tuition and other fees:It costs $14,500 and if you count the national average it costs $13,215.
Books and others:About $500. For both the national and private average, you must include that cost of books.
Course schedule:Usually 1000-1200 hours.
Month Required: Nine months to ten months (depending on license to become a master barber)

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Do I need prior training?

No prior training is required to obtain a barber license from barber colleges. If you don't have previous experience, that's fine. Because the training procedure will teach you how to do the rest of your work. A license requirement is important for starting your barbershop business, not prior training. So you don't have to worry about your license.

Requirements to attend barber school and Licensing:

Before starting your journey into a hairdressing school, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. First, if you plan to attend an accredited institution, you must meet the following requirements:

Texas Barber College Training Program

To get started at Texas Barber College, you must complete and pass a 1500-hour Texas Barber College Training Program that is recognized by the TDLR. The program must include at least 150 hours of instruction in barbering services, including shaving and sculpting facial hair.
The cost of participation may vary depending on the institution you choose, as well as your location in Texas. Some areas are more expensive than others. But the training program must be required to obtain the license.

Pass the related exam

To qualify, you must pass the Texas Barber College theory and practical licensing exams with a passing score of 70 percent or higher. You must also score 70% or higher on the Texas Department of Licensing exams.

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Getting a Texas Department of Barbering License

If you pass the course and meet or exceed the minimum requirements, you can ask them to issue and certify your barber license. By doing this, you are allowed to work in the hairdressing industry.

Start a business and seek renewal

If all goes well, you can open your barber shop and renew your license annually. The term of a barber license is one year. But there is no limit to the number of times it can be renewed, as long as it meets all legal requirements. So what are you waiting for? Make sure your dream of becoming a hairdresser comes true by enrolling in accredited hairdressing colleges.

What is the future of hairdressing as a career in a hairdressing school?

As of 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that hairdressers earn an average salary of $27,630 per year. This is higher than the median annual income for all occupations in the United States. If you calculate it per hour, the hairdresser earns 13.28 per hour, which is fantastic.
A hairdressing college can help you achieve this goal and provide you with the best solution for getting started in the hair industry. Just look for an established and reputable institution that has been approved by the TDLR.

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Is a Texas Barber College haircut license required?

Yes, the exact course or training is required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The state of Texas has the most stringent licensing requirements for licenses in the United States.
The 1500 hours can be completed at a technical school (Texas Barber College) such as Darrin's Academy of Hair Design, John Robert's School of Cosmetology and Paul Mitchell - colleges. You'll learn everything from washing your hair to cutting your hair and styling techniques. There is also the opportunity to obtain a license and work as a hairdresser.

Is it worth it to be a barber?

Absolutely! Becoming a hairdresser is a rewarding career. Not only do you have the opportunity to meet new people every time you go to work, it can also be very profitable.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the demand for hairdressers will be 28% during 2010-2020, which is much higher than most other occupations in America. Additionally, the rate will increase with 360 barbers, more than any other occupation through 2022.

What kind of job opportunities does it offer?

By training and being licensed as a cosmetologist, you will be qualified for different types of jobs, such as working in luxury hotels and resorts or large salons and spas. You can also open your own hair salon if you wish. The opportunities are endless.

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Hairdressing school is not cheap, but it can be a very rewarding career. Hairdressing schools offer many opportunities for prospective students to learn and grow in the beauty industry. If you want to become an expert in haircutting or styling techniques, enrolling in a college barbering program may be right for you.

We share information about cost, opportunity and sectors involving the hairdressing school. Now it's up to you to make the decision. Are you interested? If yes, find a barber school near your area and ask and contact them about the barber course.

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