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15-30 minutes is the exact answer.

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The heating pad is a type of mat commonly used to relieve physical problems.

How long should a person use a heating pad and why? | Did you know that (2)

About heat therapy

Heat treatment promotes blood circulation by applying heat to specific areas of the body. It dilates blood vessels, relaxes tense muscles, and can help eliminate lactic acid that builds up after muscle training. Therefore, it is best used to treat stiffness and discomfort caused by overexertion or postural problems.

In contrast to cold treatment, heat therapy can target individual muscle groups or the entire body. Two main approaches can be taken: using a moist heat source or a dry heat source.

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Warm or hot water is used in wet heat treatment. This could mean soaking in hot or lukewarm water, or covering certain parts of the body with a cloth soaked in hot water. Temperatures should never be high enough to cause skin damage - immersion in water; is between 33°C and 38°C.

Dry heat treatment refers to procedures that keep the skin dry. It uses electric heating pads, hot water bottles and chemical heat packs.

During dry heat therapy, be careful not to burn the skin. Wrap the heat source in a thin cloth or other protective material to limit the heat your skin is exposed to.

Heat treatment is effective for most chronic muscle and joint pain. However, it should not be used for sprains or bruises, as it aggravates the state of the injured region.

The benefits of heat therapy for back pain

Heat therapy is an excellent treatment for back pain because it increases blood flow, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach the joints and muscles. This circulation helps regenerate injured muscles, reduce inflammation and reduce back stiffness.

Back pain can be relieved by any heat treatment. On the other hand, thermal pads are perfect as they are portable and practical. They are also electric, so you can use them anywhere in your house, for example. B. lying in bed or sitting on the couch.

Hot or warm baths create moist heat, which increases blood flow and reduces muscle pain and stiffness. If you experience pain or stiffness in other parts of your body, a bath can help.

The problem with bathtubs is that it is difficult to stabilize the temperature of the water. This water will gradually cool down.

Thermal pads, on the other hand, have adjustable settings and emit a steady stream of heat as long as the pad is turned on.

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If you don't have a heating pad, a hot bath or soak in a hot tub can help relieve back pain and stiffness. One benefit of a hot tub and shower over a bathtub is that they provide continuous heat, much like a heating pad.

Thermotherapy is a pain relief method that uses thermal compresses. Heating pads are typically made from a variety of materials. We can also make them at home. Heating pad sizes can also differ depending on the application. Heat packs are preferable to ice cubes for pain relief.

How long should a heating pad be used for?

In general, we should use a heating pad depending on the type of heating pad and the discomfort we are feeling. Electric heating pads, chemical heating pads, microwave heating pads, handmade heating pads and more types of heating pads are available.

Chargers for electric heating pads are included. Physical therapists mostly use this type of heating pad to treat their patients. These must not overheat and be shock free. Before using the heating pad, a damp towel can be placed on top of it.

Chemical heating pads provide thermal energy aiding the crystallization process. The heat pack is filled with liquid sodium acetate. A stainless steel disk starts the process on the heating pad.

When we press this disk, it pushes the liquid, causing the temperature to rise and causing the sodium acetate to solidify. This process generates heat.

Microwave heating pads create moisture content heat by placing them in the microwave. As a result, these pads are filled with materials that preserve moisture levels, such as wheat, rice, etc. This type of heating pad is usually made at home. They can be made from a sock or towel.

A hot water bottle can also be used as a heating pad. Due to the high specific heat of water, heat remains in water bottles for a long time. Another form of heating pad that is gaining in reliability is phase change materials.

Purpose of using heating padsHow long it can be used (in minutes)
To avoid burns15-3o
slight back pain15-20
Serious injury30-120 or even more

Why would anyone use a heating pad for so long?

When a heating pad is placed on the body part to be treated, the heat from the pad is absorbed by that part.

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As a result, the heat dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. When blood flows quickly, it immediately carries needed nutrients and oxygen to the damaged area. This procedure significantly supports the healing process.

Above all, do not use the heating pad at its maximum heat capacity. Because it has the potential to burn your skin. Therefore, depending on the application, you should start with low heat and gradually increase it.

However, it is better to use low temperature heating pads.

We should not use an electric heating pad regularly for a long period of time. It can lead to serious health problems like high blood pressure, muscle damage, etc.

Its use, especially in pregnant women, can affect the fetus. According to a 2006 study, people have died as a result of using electric blankets.

The time it takes for a heating pad to heat up is determined by the material used. An electric pad usually charges in 5 to 15 minutes. They can be damaged and, on rare occasions, fatal if overheated. For this reason, it is also advisable not to overload them. Chemical pads, on the other hand, heat up quickly.

How to use a heating pad safely

Do you treat your ailments with heat or ointments? If you are comfortable with these products, you need to understand how to use them responsibly.

Here are some guidelines for using a heating pad safely.

  • Sleeping with a heating pad can cause burns.
  • Do not use a heating pad for more than 15-30 minutes per hour.
  • Avoid heating numb spots by using a heating pad on the part of your body where you don't feel it as much. You may not realize you're burning if you don't feel the heat as intensely.
  • Place towels between the heating pad and your skin to limit the risk of burns.
  • Only use topical rubs and ointments like BenGay after using a heating pad.
  • If your injury is acute (less than three days), consider using ice instead of heat. Heat is good for persistent injuries or illnesses that last longer than three days.

If you find that your chronic pain is interfering with your normal functional tasks, or if your acute injury does not improve with ice and rest, consult your physician or local physical therapist.

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Heating pads are most beneficial when a person has mild and rare illnesses. Heating pads provide instant, effortless comfort.

You should also take them for a limited time, as a long-term habit can lead to serious health problems. If a problem arises, it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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How long should a person use a heating pad and why? | Did you know that (3)

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