Hervey Bay 4WD Guide. 4WD and Trails Weekend Trip Plan | Fleet Crew (2023)

Hervey Bay 4WD Trail Guide, Rental and Weekend Trip Plan

Surrounded by 40km of pristine white sand coastline, Hervey Bay is a favorite destination with 4x4 enthusiasts. Located three and a half hours drive north of Brisbane, this sleepy subtropical town with plenty to do is the perfect weekend adventure.

If you're looking for your next off-road destination, here's everything you need to know about your 4x4 trip to Hervey Bay. We've also included a travel itinerary with the best 4x4 tracks in the region, so all you need to do is rent a 4x4 and hit the road.

Everything you need to know about Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a small, unassuming town located less than 300 km north of Brisbane. It's a popular year-round tourist destination for all types of travelers, from beach-loving backpackers to families, retirees, and of course 4WDs.

Here you'll find miles of pristine, protected white sand beaches. Fraser Island, a World Heritage Site, lies just off the east coast, making the water perfect for swimming, boating, water sports and fishing.

While you could easily spend at least a week exploring 4WD trails and relaxing at Hervey Beach, a long weekend is plenty of time for a worthwhile getaway.

eat and sleep

As a popular tourist spot, you'll find plenty of dining and accommodation options in Hervey Bay. Camp in a beachfront location on theScarness caravan park, gear up in a vacation rental or treat yourself to a little luxury at one of the many luxury resorts.

Along the Esplanade you will find a wide range of excellent restaurants and cafes to suit all budgets. The city has gained a reputation for being a gourmet's delight. If you want to see the options before you go, go toDiscover the Hervey Bay Food Guide.

If you want to do self-catering, you'll find a Coles and Woolworths just a few blocks down the main street. Petrol stations are also quite frequent, but we still recommend refueling before heading out for a day on the slopes.

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Pistas 4x4 Hervey Bay

These 4x4 trails can be completed on half-day or full-day trips from Hervey Bay. However, if you prefer to spend more time at each location, turn this list into a loop starting and ending in Hervey Bay.

1.Chicken Track em Vernon State Forest

Trail distance:Several


Drive 20 minutes west of Hervey Bay to reachVernon State Forest. Here you will find a dirt path commonly known as the chicken path that leads to the Telecommunications Tower. The track is steep in sections. After rain, the path can get very muddy, but in the driest months, the sandy soil becomes dusty, making access difficult.

There are several unmarked trails to explore at the top of the hill. Most of them are one-way, so when you're back on the main track, continue down the hill towards Hervey Bay.

Be careful as the trail gets a little more difficult behind the sand mines and through the Melaleuca swamp. Allow at least 3-6 hours for the trip.

Rent a 4x4 vehicle

2. Woodgate and Kinkuna Sections of Burrum Coast National Park

Trail distance:Several

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Difficulty:easy to moderate

About an hour's drive west of Hervey Bay will take you toBurrum Coast National Park. The Woodgate and Kinkuna sections are popular 4WD-only destinations, with plenty of gravel and sand to navigate. Bad weather or overflowing swamp waters can cause some 4x4 lanes to close. When in doubt, check with the National Park Service before heading out.

Here you'll be able to explore acres of pristine coastal plains, past tidal marshes, native forests and rocky escarpments. Driving is permitted on Kinkuna Beach and from Woodgate Beach to Burrum Point. You'll also find limited fuel and other supplies at Woodgate Beach, though we recommend stocking up at Hervey Bay for more options before heading out.

For a break from driving, don't miss the popular Banksia promenade and walking path. It's just over 5km round trip and most people take around 2 hours. You'll also find great remote parks for swimming and fishing within the park.

Campingis available inside the park or return to your Hervey Bay accommodation.

3. Wongi State Forest

Trail distance:Approximately 80 km not total

Difficulty:easy to moderate

One hour southwest of Hervey Bay, you'll findWongi State Forest. This park is full of treasures for 4x4 enthusiasts with numerous trails suitable for different experience levels.

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Area maps are often incomplete and out of date, so we recommend speaking with a ranger to help plan your trip. A GPS is also a good idea to help navigate the park.

The 4WD trails pass a series of waterholes and around Lenthalls Dam (the water supply for Hervey Bay). The park is truly impressive, with many great swimming spots, fishing opportunities and pine plantations.

Camping is allowed at the water holes (permission required). There are also restrooms, picnic tables, cold showers and water tanks. However, you will need to stock up on fuel and other supplies before heading to the park.

4. Goodnight Scrub National Park

Trail distance:Approximately 140 km

Difficulty:Easy to moderate after wet weather

1.5 hours west of Hervey Bay or Burrum Coast National Park takes you to another great 4x4 destination,Goodnight Scrub National Park. Although the roads here are adequate for a conventional car during dry weather, an all-terrain vehicle is highly recommended.Here is the linkto the official website.

If you like hills and water crossings, this park would be a lot of fun. You'll also find great views, some swimming spots, and a fun, unlined, unsupported old stone tunnel that you can drive through.

Camping is not allowed in the park. Head back to Hervey Bay or camp south of the park atParadise Dam Recreational Area.

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Be sure to stock up on fuel and supplies in the nearby town of Gin Gin, as there are no facilities or amenities in the park.

See our fleet

Other things to do in Hervey Bay

1. Ocean activities and whale watching
2. Refresh yourself at the Wetside Water Park
3. Try My Kitchen Rules
4. Cast a line from the famous Urangan Pier
5. Explore markets
6. Explore the historic city

Learn more about these amazing activities that entertain the whole family in ourTop 10 things to do at Hervey Bay blog.

4WD Extension Trip: Fraser Island or Cooloola

If you have a few more days, Fraser Island heads to thelast4WD Hervey Bay Trip Extension! See our guidehereand complete your journey with a little sand driving. There are over 120 kilometers of white sand beaches to explore, plus tropical forests and 4x4 tracks inland.

By crossing the island of Hervey Bay by boat, you can create the perfect side loop to get to Brisbane. Explore the island from north to south and return to the mainland by barge at Inskip Point.

From there, take the famous 4WD-only Great Beach Drive up the coast towards town. Spend a few nights in the relaxed atmosphererainbow beachand check out the great 4WD trails in Great Sandy National Park.

Get the best 4x4 rental experience in Hervey Bay

Before heading to Hervey Bay on your next 4x4 adventure,rent a car in brisbaneby the crew of the fleet. Just pack the 4wd home before heading north.

we have a great4WD off-road rangevehicles to choose from All our vehicles include unlimited mileage as standard, comprehensive insurance and 24-hour RACQ assistance.

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If you have any other questions or would like a quote,contact ustoday. Let us help you get off the road in Hervey Bay.

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