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Top Gun movie review

Endlessly quotable and utterly iconic, Tony Scott's '80s aviation action thriller, starring Tom Cruise, is still going strong nearly 35 years later.

From the opening theme song and stunning live footage of F-14s taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier, projected in Tony Scott's trademark beautiful tan backdrop, to the release ofDanger zonewhen we are introduced to the Maverick pilot who defined Cruise's career, 1986best weapon- for all the flaws you could try to level - it's kinda weirdperfectcreation of the 80's.

The macho machinations, the sweaty volleyball, the cocky banter, and of course, the straight-up airplane porn that's coming.Top Gun: Maverickhowever, absolutely the best aircraft footage ever captured; everything fits into this flawlessly flawed Cruise vehicle, setting not only the mold for most of the features it would later make (most obviously the 1990sstormy days), but also forcountlessimitators

The angry boss who always tells everyone off; the (literally in this case) maverick top gun who doesn't play by the rules; the loyal companion who pays the price for the protagonist's arrogant attitude; the supposedly unimpressed love interest to be won over; the antagonistic rival you'll love to hate - these are staples of hundreds of films since then, and if that kind of cheesy dialogue were used today it would be a total cliché, but in 1986 it was pure gold, and those were the ingredients perfect for one of the most iconic films in Hollywood history.

Top Gun remains a bona fide all-time classic

No doubt seeing it for the first time in 2020 will be a challenge, it's so corny and clichéd that the (new) modern audience could probably only accept it as a parody, but back in the day, that was theBest of the bestwhen it comes to blockbuster action dramas on the big screen. Of course, that term only loosely applies, given the comparatively paltry budget of just $15 million, but coupled with the military's now-legendary involvement, they've still managed to put together some of the best (if nothebest) ever captured, looking much more authentic than the few imitators that have tried to take to the skies since then, relying on real footage rather than the now ubiquitous CG to sell their spectacular sets.

Adding that absolutely classic '80s soundtrack filled with memorable tracks, a host of supporting roles for familiar faces (emergenciesAnthony Edward,of heatVal Kilmer,Agents of SHIELDAdrian is a guardThe Shawshank RedemptionTim Robbins takes to the skies as people likeforeignertom skerit,full withdrawalMichael Ironside eBack to the FutureJames Tolkan barks orders from the floor, withWitness'Kelly McGillis and a young Meg Ryan impressing as the two key women) and, of course, Cruise in the booth for one of his all-time best roles, and the Tony Scott/Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer trio right at the start of a journey that would take them to places likebeverly hills police ii,stormy daysycrimson tide, youbest weaponremains a bona fide all-time classic.

Top Gun 4K Video

best weaponarrives on U.S. 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray just weeks ahead of its likely identical UK counterpart, with an absolutely stunning native 4K presentation for thisUltraHD Blurayrelease.

The disc features a native resolution image of 3840 x 2160p in the native 2.4:1 theatrical widescreen movie ratio and uses 10-bit video depth, aWide range of colors(GDT),high dynamic range, as well as Dolby Vision, and is encoded with the HEVC (H.265) codec for HDR10.

We review the US Ultra HD Blu-ray release ofbest weaponin aTelevisor LG 55B7 Dolby Vision 4K Ultra HD OLEDcommonReprodutor de Blu-ray Panasonic DP-UB450 Dolby Vision HDR10+ 4K Ultra HD.

It's a fabulous looking 4K presentation alongside the best of the best.

(Video) Reference STATUS! Sorta... Top Gun: Maverick 4K Blu-ray IMAX Review

best weaponIt's nearly 35 years old, but 4K has given it new life, with a relatively low-budget production, thankfully shot in Scott's no-nonsense style, and thankfully also shot on film, leaving plenty of footage in the film to be left behind. . They basically look almost as good as they would today. It has a slightly grainy start, with the openingshooting, and this gives you an idea of ​​what some of the individual frames will look like, mainly due to the lighting and limitations of the source footage, but the aerial footage, in general, is absolutely stunning; a true revelation in 4K, and a lotdistantbetter than never.

Details are superb, revealing the nuances of the often sweaty central faces, with a lovely layer of texture leaving you with no worries that the underlying details may have washed out. Of course, this is a clean print, but it has no signs of excessive DNR implementation, it just gives the image a nice, clean, textured look.

It is clear that HDR and WCG make the difference, they do the heavy lifting and increase the vitality with the further enhancement ofdolby vision, leaving Tony Scott's striking signature style prevailing throughout, whether in the opening sun-kissed sequence or the subsequent sun-kissed landscape, with the brown filter used heavily but stylishly, and the image covering a wider range of dark black to white peaks. It's a fabulous 4K presentation, with the best of the best, at least at the level of cinema classics released in the new format.

To update:best weaponnow arrived on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in the UK, day and date with the spiritual sequel to Cruise,stormy days, as well as Spielberg's Cruise, starringwar of words. The UK 4K UHD release ofbest weaponit's identical to the US 4K unit and offers the same great native presentation 4K Dolby Vision Enhanced and Atmos audio, plus extras. Now all fans have to wait is the new 4K Steelbook edition (which was delayed 6 months because they stupidly put an F-15 Eagle in the artwork instead of an F-14 Tomcat).

Top Gun Audio 4K

best weaponenjoy a fabulously immersive object-based high-definition 3D audio track in the form ofdolby atmos, which, like the video, surprises from the opening beats that for any fan will be attracted.

Stunned from the first days

Dialogue remains firmly prioritized, rising even above the deafening noise of the aircraft, with a clear and coherent presentation, largely from the front, while effects enjoy real footage of the aircraft. surrounding and exploding missiles. It barely overflows with its use of discrete objects, but it's impressive and never the less immersive, drawing you in with its invigorating on-deck soundscape and frantic combat, and enthusiastically supported by an iconic soundtrack whose signature tracks and score simply define almost every scene. of the movie. Earring.

Extras of Top Gun 4K

The 4K disc itself enjoys the old commentary and some new extras that were clearly blended to fit the sequel's production, while the accompanying Blu-ray includes ports on all the old material.

If you weren't looking forward to the sequel, after watching this movie and these extras, you'll be

The late Tony Scott leads an archival audio commentary that also draws in the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as co-writer and also a naval expert, to provide an excellent overview of the production. There is also a Making of documentary, some short films, music videos, storyboards and trailers. If that wasn't enough, we also have a new short film Legacy of Top Gun Featurette, as well as a 5-part retrospective documentary, all involving the likes ofTop Gun: Maverickdirector Joseph Kosinski, Bruckheimer and, of course, Tom Cruise himself. If you weren't already looking forward to the sequel, after watching this movie and these extras, you will be.


Top Gun 4K Blu-ray review

best weaponIt may not necessarily stand up to the modern scrutiny of a new audience, who may have a hard time getting along with the now utterly clichéd story and script, rousing but youthful performances, and military pornographic imagery, but it's still an all-time classic. . that ran for over three decades and we hope to get a respectful and equally mind-blowing sequel in the nextTop Gun: Maverick.

The premiere is the best of the best, which is what the film deserves.

(Video) Top Gun: Maverick 4K UltraHD Blu-ray Review | The Best 4K Disc of All-Time?

Paramount 4K Blu-ray launches in the US frombest weaponbreaks the UK record for a couple of weeks (now finally arrives with an identical record and the perfect companion inDays of Thunder 4K), which delivers absolutely stunning native 4K video, complete with Dolby Vision upscaling, as well as a tremendous Dolby Atmos track and some cool new extras too. It's the best of the best, which is what the film deserves.





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