21 fun things to do with your dog (2023)

There is no cuter co-pilot than a dog, and for most people, there is no more accessible friend. After all, is there anyone on this planet who thinks that a road trip to the city dump is an adventure or that dismantling cardboard boxes is the most exciting task there is?

Activities with your dog not only strengthen your bond, but also provide physical and mental stimulation, which promotes overall health. If you have a new puppy, you need creative ideas for one.I work as a pet sitter.or you just want to provide some new entertainment for your dog, there are plenty of dog activities you can do to keep his tail wagging.

To help you create memories (and precious Instagram moments) that last to infinity and beyond, we put together this list of 21 fun things to do with your dog based on his energy level.

HIGH ENERGY - For puppies or adult dogs that are ready for anything.

1. Take a tour of your city.

Enjoy your city like a tourist, but with a much better sense of direction. As you plan your route, you can make pit stops at all the pet-friendly hangouts in your town for treats and attention. All the tourists will be so jealous.

2. Spend a day swimming and exploring a beach or lake.

Some dogs are more like mermaids, so let them be a part of this world! But before you do, make sure the beach or lake is dog-friendly and that you bring a canine life jacket. (Not all dogs can swim!)

3. Take a bike ride together.

It's harder than you think riding a bike with your dog on a leash, so practice a bit before hitting the bike path. Some dogs are more basket bikes than cyclists, so it's wise to consider your dog's physical condition and start slow. Once you both get the hang of it, you'll have a role to play.

4. Walk or jog together.

Nothing tires an energetic pup more than a long run. Some dogs are better suited to longer distances than others, so think about your pup's health and the outside temperature, and always carry fuel like treats and water with you. If you have a real runner on your hands, like a dog that has a tendency to run away, it's important to get a leash made specifically for running. If this becomes a regular activity for both of you, see if you can consistently beat your old time.

5. Visit an off-leash dog park where your dog can run around with other dogs.

Impromptu parties are the best, especially those with dogs. Find the nearest off-leash dog park and let your pup blend in with the crowd. They could turn out to be the life of the party.

6. Make a riddle for your dog to solve.

Dogs with a lot of energy need distraction. The internet is full of puzzles that you can create using items around your own home, with materials that you would normally throw away. TODIY game to destroy dog ​​boredomwith old tennis balls and candy or ahomemade toy for dogsmade from an old t-shirt might be just the challenge your dog is craving. so he gets yoursmake dog toysAnd!

7. Take an agility or obedience training class.

Dogs with a wild streak tend to focus, so pick a goal to work on. Agility or obedience training gives them a chance to show off their crazy skills (if they have any!). But at least it will help make the bond between the owner and the dog even stronger. A dog trophy at the end of your semester is a nice gesture and an even better Instagram post!

Medium energy: dogs having a lot of fun followed by a nap

8. Stock up on toys together at your favorite pet-friendly store.

Attention shoppers: let your dog drive the shopping cart! Surprises can be overrated, so take your friend to the store to pick out. Warning: dogs cannot read price tags.

9. Take your dog for a boat ride.

Get ready to splash around, just make sure you have that all-important life jacket, as not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some dogs have been bred specifically because they make good first companions. So why not see if your pup has the chops for marine life? It is recommended to help your dog in such activities and have a cool friend with a good boat.

10. Teach your dog a new trick.

Old, young, no matter the age, dogs love to learn new things, so challenge them by teaching them fun new ways to impress you (and your friends). look fordog tricks on youtube, grab some goodies and start practicing some tricks. Your pup's stunts will be the talk of your next house party.

11. Play in a sprinkler, leaves, or snow.

No matter what time of year it is, there is always fun right outside your door. Run through a sprinkler, play with snowballs after a blizzard, or jump over a pile of leaves. (Don't forget to check for ticks afterwards!) Sometimes the simple pleasures in life make the best memories.

12. Enjoy a stay at a pet-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast.

Dogs are welcome guests at some of the most exciting places to stay in America. So if your pup is a good traveler, plan a getaway for the two of you. Enjoy luxurious amenities such asPet Pampering Packages– or just bring your favorite treats from home. Only look for accommodations that accept petsExpedia,airbnb,PASTUREand most other popular travel sites. Both you and your dog can enjoy the adventure of discovering something new.

13. Host a puppy party.

You have friends with dogs on speed dial and now is the time to invite them. Whether it's your dog's birthday or National Dog Day (August 26), set a date and go all out. Check out these Instagram-worthydog party ideas.

14. Find a unique location for an Instagram photo shoot.

A wall of graffiti, your favorite fountain in town, a famous statue or a quiet bench in a park – pose your dog somewhere with a bit of character and you're sure to win all the hearts on Instagram. Don't forget to reward your subject with treats!

Low energy: dogs that just want to be with you

15. Netflix and naps.

Reserve the most comfortable spot on the couch for at least three hours. Watch a dog movie together, like 101 Dalmatians, Best in Show, or Marley & Me, and snuggle up for a nap. We cannot imagine anything more dreamlike.

16. Take your dog to work.

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day may be on June 24, but if you work in a pet-friendly environment, why not make it a regular event? Medium to low energy dogs are great for relieving office stress, and there's nothing more comforting than having coffee with your loved one.

17. Give your dog a manicure.

You can leave the trimming to a professional, but nail color? It's all you!Animal-friendly nail polishIt is available in a variety of colors: in a polish pen and in a traditional bottle and brush shape. So why not give your dog a splash of color on those claws? The abilities of the Instagram paw are endless.

18. Book a "doga" session.

Just breathe. TOdog yoga classhelp with this and more (like stretching) and most importantly bonding with your dog. Doing downward facing dog with your best friend by your side has to be on every dog ​​lover's wish list.

19. Sing to your dog.

Can you imagine a better audience? No one loves the sound of your voice more! Go a cappella or call Alexa to play music in the background. You're guaranteed a standing ovation, or at least a paw over your mouth, to make you stop.

20. Exercise patience by balancing treats on your pet's nose.

HeHashtag #StuffOnMyDogprovides a treasure trove of adorable images of dogs sporting a small amount of head and muzzle cuteness on Instagram. If you want to get in the game, start small with treats and be prepared for some serious smiles.

21. Take a Puppuccino at Starbucks.

Although it's not on the menu, every dog ​​lover has a friend at Starbucks who servesbunny chinosfor canines if you ask. (It's a simple preparation: whipped cream in a small cup.) As long as your dog can tolerate dairy, he's found a new coffee drinking partner.

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