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Located in Broward County in South Florida along the Atlantic coast, Miramar is part of the Miami metropolitan area, which is home to nearly six million people.

The city was incorporated in the early 1950s with the idea that it would be a relatively inexpensive area to live. It was also an easy commute to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, home to many of the region's largest employers.

Today, Miramar is home to a variety of distinctive neighborhoods and is close to many of the most popular recreational areas in the state.

Below are 15 things to do in Miramar, Florida that you shouldn't miss.

1. Flamingo Lakes Golf Course

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Conveniently located off Interstate 75, Flamingo Lakes Golf Course is a challenging and scenic par 71 course that many golfers consider one of the area's best kept secrets.

The course is semi-private, meaning it's open to the public, but during peak hours when tee times are few, preference is given to members.

By Florida golf standards, the green fees for the course are reasonable. While there are parts of the course that are challenging, it is full of fairways and manicured greens similar to those normally found only on exclusive private courses.

Lessons are available, and there's an on-site restaurant and pro shop, too.

2. Minigolf monstrosity

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Keeping with the golf theme, Monster Mini Golf on Miramar Parkway is a popular area attraction filled with family-friendly activities like arcade games, laser tag, mazes, and even bowling.

Of course, the jewel in the crown is the 18-hole golf course, which features glow-in-the-dark balls and obstacles that give it a spooky, surreal atmosphere after the sun goes down, making it a great success among children. some.

Parts of the facility are available to hire for birthday parties and other special occasions, though due to their popularity, you'll need to book well in advance.

3. Parque CB Smith

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Located in nearby Pembroke Pines, the C.B. Smith Park is home to Paradise Waters Cove, a true water park that's a big hit with families during the summer months, when Florida's notorious weather can be downright hot, humid, and unbearable.

Much more than a traditional park with a duck pond and a picnic table or two, C.B. Smith Park offers a variety of activities and is more of a children's resort than anything else.

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Swimming, basketball, fishing, tennis, and batting cages are popular activities; With so much to do, it should come as no surprise that it can get very busy, especially on weekends during the summer vacation months.

4. Big Cypress National Preserve

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Florida is home to some of the largest cypress swamps in the southern United States, and Big Cypress National Preserve is a diverse environment that includes swamps and mangrove forests, which are home to a variety of marine animals, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Many visitors are surprised to learn that Florida is still home to a small population of panthers, which are similar to cougars.

Alligators are also ever-present, so keep an eye on what's going on around you.

The preserve consists of almost 700,000 acres near Ochopee along the famous Tamiami Trail.

Fishing and hunting are permitted seasonally, but you will need to obtain the correct licenses and permits before you head out.

5. Museum of Young Art

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There aren't many places where visitors can explore a cave, ride the subway, and create their own piece of modern art in just a few hours, but the Museum of Young Art on 121st Avenue in Davie is one such place.

Not just another children's museum filled with pristine exhibits, the Museo de Arte Joven's staff and interactive exhibits encourage children to think, play and learn all at the same time.

Past guests have stated that the facilities were well-maintained and that their experience far exceeded their expectations.

The museum is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon when the weather outside is not pleasant.

6. Everglades National Park

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With almost 1.5 million acres of protected land, Everglades National Park is one of the largest parks in the country and is home to an incredibly diverse group of plants and animals.

Many areas of the park are best visited as part of a guided tour, especially for those interested in getting up close and personal with some popular and intimidating animals such as alligators, manatees, dolphins, and crocodiles.

The park has three main entrances, and because of its breadth and variety of activities, it's advisable to stop at a welcome center for on-the-spot information and some helpful tips from the rangers before you head out.

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7. Speed ​​K1

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K1 Speed ​​​​on Stirling Road in Hollywood is one of the region's top destinations for keen adventurers in need of speed.

If you think go-karts are for kids, you can switch gears after a few laps in a 20-horsepower machine that can propel you to over 40 mph.

They're surprisingly fast and handle like they're on rails too; While sitting down, you'll get a good workout just by staying on track.

The K1 Speed ​​facility is the perfect venue for a non-traditional corporate event, stag or birthday party, and with a variety of track and vehicle options, there should be something for everyone in your group, regardless of your experience.

8. Oleta River State Park

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With nearly 15 miles of multi-use trails within the North Miami city limits, Oleta State Park offers visitors an impressive array of outdoor recreational options, including mountain biking, bird watching, hiking, and fishing. .

Regardless of your age or physical condition, there is probably an appropriate trail; The park's advanced trails are a big hit with mountain bikers, who appreciate challenging obstacles and wild, natural scenery.

It's not uncommon to see wildlife in the park, but remember that alligators are a native Florida species that can reach enormous proportions when fully grown, so stay alert and use common sense.

9. Hard Rock Stadium

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Although many die-hard soccer fans still prefer to call it Joe Robbie Stadium, Hard Rock Stadium is its official name. As it has been for a long time, it remains the home of the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami Hurricane football program.

Located near Miami Gardens, it has a capacity of almost 65,000 seats.

It often hosts other live entertainment productions in the off-season, and for football fans wanting to see behind the scenes, usually reserved for players and staff, a guided tour is possible.

Tickets for soccer games can be hard to come by, especially when the teams are doing very well.

10. Everglades Holiday Park

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Since its founding in 1983, Everglades Holiday Park has been a unique combination of wildlife conservation and family amusement park not often found elsewhere.

Covering nearly 30 acres adjacent to US Route 27 in Fort Lauderdale, the park is open to the public and offers a variety of recreational and educational activities to suit almost any interest.

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Bass fishing and duck hunting are popular during their respective seasons, and the park facilities offer a variety of live entertainment, from comedians to musicians.

There are campsites and guided tours, great options for those looking to relax and enjoy while the professionals take care of the details.

11. Extreme Rage Paintball Park

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Located on Sheridan Street just outside of Hollywood, Extreme Rage Paintball Park is consistently ranked among the best paintball parks of its kind in the South Florida area.

Drawing players from all over the state, the park is conveniently close to many of the area's major highways and has been a family-owned business for more than two decades.

Its terrains include a variety of theaters, with plenty of obstacles and obstructions to make things challenging and tactically interesting.

Check their website for hours, directions, options, and prices before you head out. Equipment rental is also available.

12. Flamingo Gardens

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Florida is home to a wide variety of native plant and bird species; Flamingo Gardens is one of the best places to see them up close without hiring an expensive guide or wading through an alligator-infested swamp.

Located on South Flamingo Road in Davie, Flamingo Gardens is part aviary, part botanical garden, and is just a short drive from Miramar, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

The narrated trolley tour of the marshes is a popular way to get a glimpse, and it's possible to get a little hands-on experience at the Wildlife Encounter show.

The gardens are open to the public and admission is cheap.

13. Parque Amelia Earhart

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Just north of Hialeah in Miami-Dade County, Amelia Earhart Park sits within an urban area, making it a nice little oasis that's convenient to visit when the hustle and bustle of the city becomes overwhelming. .

Biking, fishing, and strolling the tree-lined trails are the perfect ways to spend an afternoon or two. If you are traveling with a dog, there is a fenced area reserved for dogs.

Admission is free, but there is a parking fee that is only in effect on weekends. The park has several lakes and is open every day from sunrise to sunset.

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14. Pembroke Pines YMCA

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Since it opened nearly two decades ago, the YMCA Family Center of Pembroke Pines has brought people together in the community and provided them with a variety of healthy activity options that they might not otherwise have access to.

The facility includes an aquatic center and a wading pool, as well as zero-depth pools for adults and children, respectively.

Like many YMCA centers, Pembroke Pines offers a variety of instructional and educational courses throughout the year; many of them are aimed at older people.

During the summer holiday months they offer other courses aimed at children, so check their website for more details.

15. Bar-B-Ranch

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For visitors to South Florida, there are many ways to view the landscape.

From hydrofoil to helicopter, the options are many, but one of the most unique ways to see the region's natural splendor is on horseback.

Bar-B-Ranch is the largest barn in South Florida and offers a variety of guided trails through the diverse environments that make up the unique landscape.

Lessons are offered, but if you're just visiting for a ride, you'll still get a full overview of handling your steed.

Cowboy hats and boots are optional, but don't forget sunglasses, bug spray, and your camera. They are located on Peaceful Ridge Road in Davie.

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