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Ever since we thought of adding modern conveniences to our home, Pottery Barn has always been there for us. But over time, the competition in the market grew and I think we should now be aware of more stores like Pottery Barn that offer upscale home furnishing options.

In this modern world, no one has time to let a craftsman work and then order him to do what we want. In fact, the furniture options available in these stores are quite related to our selection and therefore make it much easier for us to shop from there. And that's why you'll find this section of ceramic barn alternatives really useful.

Top 10 Shops Similar to Pottery Barn

If you are looking for stores like Pottery Barn that can completely transform the look of your home then this section below can be of great help. There are many options for such furniture and interior stores, but I have selected the top 10. They are identifiable and also offer a very unique collection. For more information, see the details below.

1. The western elm


West Elm and Pottery Barn are essentially sister sites as they are both subsidiaries of Willams Sonoma. You'll find high prices at Pottery Barn, but West Elm mainly focuses on designs that are trendy enough to be bought at affordable prices.

and aInteresting factWhat makes West Elm special is that they are not just limited to the US, they ship to over 90 countries and you can find their stores there too.

This makes them a top choice in the category of stores like Pottery Barn that are good enough to meet all your home decor, furniture and home accessories needs. They also have many categories to offer, such as furniture, outdoor, lighting, cushions and home decor, wall art and mirrors, and much more.

West Elm is like the all-in-one solution for your home needs and at affordable prices. Whether you are remodeling your home, office or a hotel, you should definitely consider West Elm.

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2. Ballard-Design


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (2)If you're tired of buying standard American furniture every time you do a home renovation, then it's time to look for other stores that are similar to Pottery Barn. Ballard Design can be your next home decor destination, offering mostly European influenced home furnishings and accessories.

In fact, Ballard Design is not just about modern furniture, they also offer inspiration and other ideas to transform your home at the lowest possible price.

Here you will find a variety of categories to help you make your home amazing. Some of these are furniture, outdoor essentials, bed and bath, lighting, carpets and curtains, kitchen, home decor and much more.

They have this special section where you can buy custom made furniture according to your desires and ideas. And that's the feature that sets them apart from other shops like Pottery Barn. Besides the US, they also ship to several other countries for a very low shipping price.

3. Only the law


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (3)Lex Mod is a comparatively lesser known platform than other stores like Pottery Barn. But the main reason to mention it here is that it offers very modern and attractive furniture and other home decoration solutions at really affordable prices.

They have been in business for 10 years and offer sophisticated but certainly attractive pieces and designs of furniture and accessories for the home on their website.

One thing you will love about Lex Mode is thatoffer free shippingwith every order, no matter how big or small. However, the Lex Mod does not have a global focus and therefore ships within the US, instead covering all 48 states.

The product categories that you can find at Lex Mod are living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, garden furniture, lighting, work space furniture and various other types of accessories. They only offer trendy items and therefore it doesn't take more than a few minutes to choose the type of furniture for your space.

4. Box and Barrel


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (4)You probably already knew that Crate & Barrel is one of the largest suppliers of furniture like Pottery Barn. In fact, it operates more than 170 retail chains in the US and has existed since 1962. In addition to this large chain of stores, they also operate theirsOnline-Shopping-Portalwhich offers the possibility to ship to several countries.

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They also have this separate section called Crate & Kids that has this exclusive range of products and decorating options, especially for kids.

This makes it one of the most Pottery Barn-esque stores, as even the latter does. Speaking of the categories of products you can find here, there are literally a lot of them. To name a few, these are furniture, lighting, babies and children, decoration, carpets, tables and bars and much more.

If you are from the USA, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders of $49 or more. In addition, Crate & Barrel also manages itsInspirationamazing ideas section. They also have this design service where you can design your office, studio or anything else with the help of their professional designers.

5. Recovery Hardware


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (5)Restoration Hardware or RH is a popular home furnishings company based in the USA and has been in business since 1979. Their idea is to sell the goods through their retail stores, which are spread across different locations in the US and Canada. They also run severalDesigner Galleriesand the Babies and Children department.

RH is a design curator at heart and his taste and style easily adapts to current trends. However, they mainly deal in luxury lifestyle items rather than casual items.

10 best stores like Pottery Barn (6)

So you will find that HR is a notch above your normal budget. It is advisable to use this platform to renovate your office, studios and other formal places. The types of categories you can find here are Dining Room, Living Room, Lighting, Windows, Decoration, Hardware, Baby and Kid, Bath and Bed and many others.

However, unlike most other stores like Pottery Barn, they don't ship outside of the US and Canada, which is a major downside if you're from other countries.

6. Alley of Kings


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (7)The closest I can count to the Pottery Barn alternatives is One Kings Lane. They run a large home decoration business where they focus heavily on home furnishings and accessories. As the name suggests, they are a mix of modern and vintage style decorating and furniture options.

Various categories and options are available in One Kings Lane, including lighting, furniture, carpets, bedding and bath, decoration, exteriors, art and mirrors and much more.

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However, like most US-based stores like Pottery Barn, One Kings Lane is limited to the US only, so they offer their shipping and delivery services within the US and Canada and not even to other US territories. If you look at the furniture options view At OKL you will find them really alive and fresh.

They also offer design services where you can get help from their design professionals and customize the look of your space with a more professional approach.

7. World Market


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (8)The next choice for the category of shops like Pottery Barn is World Market. It has been in business since 1950 and is currently one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. They operate as a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond.

They serve in a variety of categories such as furniture, home decor, home accessories, carpets and curtains, lighting, kitchen, dining room, etc.

All products are available at really affordable prices, so you don't have to pay more for the same decorating options. They also have free shipping options when you make a purchase of $49 and up, and sales are made in a timely manner to further support you.

However, World Market does not offer an international shipping option and only ships to the United States and its territories.

8. Butterblume HD


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (9)HD Buttercup is another addition in the business, similar to Pottery Barn, and they've been in business since 2005. Not only are they the source of amazing and beautiful furniture options, but they also bring you great and trendy ideas and inspiration.

Their ideas are unique and generally bold and imaginative, which sets them apart from other furniture and home decor retailers.

HD Buttercup covers a variety of categories such as lighting, carpets, office, dining room, living room, bed and many other types of furniture and home accessories. Your coverage area is limited to the United States and you can locate your retail store using the store locator provided on your website.

They offer free shipping on orders $49 or more, but when you buy rugs from them, shipping is completely free on all rug orders. So don't wait any longer, just log in to their website and start shopping now.


9.Z Galleries


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (10)Z Galleries is the next addition to the list of shops than Pottery Barn. They are this retail chain that works for home furniture, decorative accessories and art trade. They are based in Los Angeles and have more than 50 stores across the United States.

Z Gallerie is also one of the few furniture retailers that also offer international shipping, but through third party companies.

They mainly focus on traditional and contemporary designs and are actually very popular for their unique designs and decorating options. You will also find affordable prices here, which is a kind of surprise that increases the popularity of this site.

The categories you will find here are Art, Decoration, Furniture, Tableware, Mirrors, Garden Furniture, Bedding & Pillows and many more. If you're not sure what exactly you want, you can take a look at the Design Inspiration section.

10. Art Car


10 best stores like Pottery Barn (11)Art Van is also a perfect choice to provide furniture like Pottery Barn. In fact, they also operate as a chain of retail stores like the ones mentioned above and have many stores in different parts of the US. It has been around since 1959 and is considered to be one of the leading furniture retailers.

However, Art Van only offers shipping and delivery options within the US and Canada only. Local delivery within 100 meters is free and additional charges apply for long-distance delivery options.

Now for the products they sell, the list is really huge. This is furniture for dining room, living room, bedroom, outdoor furniture, kids and teens, etc. Also, let me tell you that Art Van is a great distributor of a variety of mattresses for all kinds of purposes.

You can find your store using the option provided on your website. Customer support is pretty good too. The only problem you will see here is that the shipping costs are higher than other stores like Pottery Barn.


What I liked most about these shops like Pottery Barn is that they are very close and easily accessible. You can easily find them in your area and most of the time when you talk about their furniture designs and stuff, people get the exact same design that they had in mind.

And of course theOnline-Shopping-Portaleit makes it so much easier for people to ask for what they want. And when they're not ordering, they at least get an idea of ​​their inventory easily. So even if you just want to window shop, these shops are a must-visit.

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